Sunday, 3 October 2010


When I think of French & Scottish cuisine, vegetarianism isn't the first thing that springs to mind. So I was curious when I heard of L'Artichaut in Edinburgh, and had to make an excuse to pop across to the capital.
Edinburgh is a vegetarians delight, with restaurants a plenty (David Bann, Black Bo's, Hendersons to name a few). L'Artichaut is in the new town on Eyre Place,we arrived just as it opened for the evening at six, and being the first people there, joked about why did we bother to book. However by the time we left the place was packed. The details are perfect, Tim Stead chairs, bespoke ceramics and artichoke paintings covering the walls.
The food was delicious, focusing on vegetable flavours rather than meat substitutes. To start I enjoyed a Guacamole and salsa verrine (like a terrine but vertical!) whilst Mister Strawberry had beetroot croquettes, golden on the outside and bright pink in the middle!
Continuing my quest to get to grips with aubergine, I had roasted aubergine topped with goat's cheese for a main, whilst my companion had ratatouille filled beef tomato, with polenta chips. Note to self, need to experiment with polenta, as it was very tasty indeed. Dessert was a sharp lemon tart for me & lime and pink peppercorn meringues for him. Delicious! I did forget to take photos of all our courses, as I was too busy eating! I was glad to see the festive menu being advertised, and can't wait for an excuse to pop across to fill up on food! L'Artichaut adds to Edinburgh's thriving veggie scene, bringing a Gallic twist! Vive l'artichaut!

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