Sunday, 31 July 2011


Salad including freshly podded peas, served with halloumi.
Fresh peas remind me of two things. Firstly, my grandad.
He had an allotment (as well as a greenhouse and plenty of growing space in the garden). I have memories of being round my grandparents house and being given a big bowl of peas to shell, to prepare for Sunday dinner. I think for every pea pod that got emptied in to the bowl, one or possibly two got emptied in my mouth! The second pea memory is Roskilde festival.
We went in 2006, it was ace, though super hot. The world cup was also on, and we spent much of the week buying a crate of Tuborg to sit on (and drink the contents), watch the football, and eat a bag of podded peas. Fresh peas go surprisingly well with Danish lager. Continuing the fresh theme, this morning I was up early to go to my local S'n'B, and made a fruity smoothie to kick start the day.
It contained a huge ruby grapefruit, half a honeydew melon, a lemon and plenty of ice cubes. Delicious. I was inspired by this amazing smoothie flowchart. Smoothies will never be the same again. Also check out the eating rules breakfast flowchart too - very cool.

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