Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lurking at the back of the fridge bake...

So the veggies were getting a little past their best. The carrots a little bendy, even the two greedy guinea pigs were turning their noses up at them! So my plan was to use them all up in a bake.
Firstly I chopped a bunch of carrots and left them to boil, this would create a mash topping. For the bake itself, I lightly fried chopped onion, a leek and a green pepper (all found hidden in the back of the fridge). To this I added some frozen quorn mince, frozen peas, a can of green lentils and some oxo stock. For seasoning I added a generous squeeze of tomato ketchup, black pepper and some mint & rosemary leaves that I had frozen in the freezer. Stir until the majority of the stock is absorbed or evaporated, then transfer to an ovenproof dish. Top with mashed carrot & put under the grill to brown.
Delicious, very simple and uses up all those veggies!

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  1. Stop it you are making me hungry. Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoy Design Matters.